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LatinX 103.7 & 105.3FM Radio Boston
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Monday-Friday 10am-2Pm 

Omg! Moments

What’s trending NOW. The top stories the world is watching from her modern woman perspective. Speaking her mind and not holding back, she gives her take on current news

Lifestyle | Beauty | Food

All the latest and trendiest insights on beauty, health, style, fashion, food, and much more! She gives you all the tips of must-haves in your closet, purse, home, and best places to dine.

Entertainment | Celebs

Having established relationships with all the A-list celebs, she gets exclusive access and interviews with all the music artists and famous stars at all red-carpet events.

Movie Reviews

Talks of the upcoming must-see new movies with her list of favorites. She gives you her reviews on the films and who did amazing roles. In addition to new films available to watch from home.

Sports Bitz

Sports insider from beyond the field. What is happening inside the lives of athletes, how they do it, and where they are. Giving you an inside look of the athlete behind the jersey from a female perspective on a male.

Inside Chiquibaby

Chiquibaby let’s us in to her daily life with highlights of her day, what she did and didn’t do, sharing her personal anecdotes showing she is isn’t different from the ordinary woman and new mom.


Sports and controversial program, where the most relevant issues of the moment regarding soccer, boxing, baseball, basketball, and football are discussed.


Hosted by the spiciest voice on the radio, Alvaro Morales, sports commentator for the ESPN network, MLC sports, and who is top in the industry; along with a great team made up of the king of kings, former professional soccer player, and current sports analyst, Juan Carlos Gabriel de Anda, along with two young promises of sports journalism in Mexico and the united states, Santiago Vázquez, and Diego Farell.


This team is joined by one of the best in terms of journalistic investigation such as professor Héctor Huerta and accompanied by another great analyst and one of the best in terms of sports debate, Dionisio Estrada. Led in the production of the masked sports information, the sports guru.

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